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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Asked but Didn't Tell

Justice Scalia finger models a ribbed condom

The New York Post, this morning, reports the Supreme Court Justice most ill disposed toward privacy rights, while speaking to students at the New York University Law School on Tuesday, had his own privacy luridly questioned:

One gay student asked whether government had any business enacting and enforcing laws against consensual sodomy. Following Scalia's answer, the student asked a follow-up: 'Do you sodomize your wife?' The audience was shocked, especially since Mrs. Scalia [Maureen] was in attendance.

An NYU law student, posting on Daily Kos Tuesday, offered a more rounded report than the Post:

Scalia held a Q&A session with students. Two big rooms packed full of people. He started off by giving a rather standard talk...Then came the student questions. The second question started off by asking why Scalia finds no right to privacy in the constitution ("because the Framers didn't foresee it," Scalia replied more or less). Then came the bombshell from the student: "Do you sodomize your wife?" Scalia rather calmly replied "next question" but the student kept at it, yelling into the microphone about hypocrisy before finally sitting back down.

Justice Scalia, ignoring the rude, youthful question, seemingly feels his privacy is too sacred to suffer even modest examination by impartial third parties.
Go figure.

Modified Image: AP, Dutch Society for Sexual Reform
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