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Friday, April 08, 2005
Guck Fest

As the President and First Daughter booty dance before different audiences, a C-SPAN-televised National Press Club “professional event” entitled “Who is a Journalist?” took place this morning in the springtime freshness of a pope-emptied Washington.

The event’s chief claim to our news-weary attention and the subject of much web-based criticism was the inclusion of former White House correspondent and male prostitute Jeff Gannon on a panel of young reporters and bloggers.
As what is turning into “Schadenfreude Week” continues, the event will be repeated tonight on C-SPAN 2 at 8PM EDT and I would recommend its amusingly unwholesome addition to your evening viewing schedule.
The word “prostitute” hovered unspoken during an hour and a half that pitifully pretended not to focus exclusively on the 8” cut focus of all Washington’s breathy non-broadcast attentions.
While one audience question made brief mention of Jeff’s “illegal activities”, the best part came after the event’s unsatisfying and hurried conclusion and before C-SPAN cut away from the Press Club site when a chubby little fellow, identified as Mike Rogers from by John Aravosis of, yelled out “Jeff, did you ever sleep with Scott McClellen?” and “Did you ever sleep with anyone on the White House staff prior to getting your daily pass?" before storming out, with cameras tracking, yelling "What about Ken Mehlman?", “He’s a pig.” and “What a farce!”
The Press Club event was a farce but, then, what in Washington isn’t farcical these postmillennial days?

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