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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Hallowed Be Thy Action Figure!

The Pull My Finger President Bush plush doll, the President Bush Jack-in-the-box and the talking President Bush action figure will finally have other morally acceptable dolls to play with this June., a subdivision of the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, is set to release 12” high Scripture-quoting dolls of Jesus, Mary, Moses, Esther, Ruth and David in a toy product line called Messengers of Faith.
According to yesterday’s New York Post:

The realistic, foot-high dolls recite up to 33 Biblical verses at the push of button in the doll's back…The $25 religious dolls have authentic period clothing…rooted life-like hair and bright glass eyes. The characters are also movable and can grip objects.

Hopefully the Messengers of Faith and their action grips will avoid the finger of the Bush plush unless pushed by the utter banality of the talking toy President’s pre-recorded messages, including “If you want to fight evil, do some good!" and “Glad to be in the midst of Patriots.”
Dolls rumored to be on the Teddy Bear Company’s drawing board include new non-talking, non-action figure dolls of John Paul II and Terri Schiavo.

Image: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company,,
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