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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Jeff's Genesis

While the President and Crown Prince Abdullah take romantic hand-holding strolls through fields of Texas bluebonnets, Raw Story, this morning, has published a letter sent to White House Press Secretary Scott McClellen by Representative Conyers and Slaughter Monday afternoon.
The letter demands that McClellen identify the authority authorizing Gannon's access and that the Press Secretary resolve contradictions between the released Secret Service entry logs and previous White House attempts to minimize Gannon's most unusual access:

While your office and the White House have claimed Gannon was treated as just another reporter, the records we have obtained affirm that Gannon was granted access to the White House which appears to be unusual for any reporter...your office and "Mr. Gannon" have maintained that his access was sporadic...records show that Mr. "Gannon" was allowed access to the White House 38 times when no public press events occurred. He also spent hours in the White House both before and after press events took place. With whom did he meet on those occasions...Would you like to revise your claim that, "I don't involve myself in that process, it's handled at a staff level"?

Of course, all this is beneath the notice of the "major organs" who have previously and conveniently slotted the Gannon episode into the Press Office Eccentrics pigeonhole.

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