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Friday, April 22, 2005
"The Lord has wanted me as His vicar."
--Rat the Last

Poor God!
Heaven's phone lines were already buzzing with President Bush, Moslem radicals, Tom Delay and Bill Frist angrily waiting on hold for their exclusive chunk of Supreme chit-cat.
Now, through London's Guardian, we learn that another mortal, consumed with lust for a higher office, has the Heavenly Father on autodial and, courting venial sins, claims to know His innermost desires.
I was also amused by the Guardian's bit of cliche simple man color regarding the anti-Pope and a celebratory all-boy dinner:

The new pope entertained the cardinals to a supper of bean soup, cold meats and salad following his election. Champagne was drunk.

The Guardian did not present information regarding curial Beano and hangover remedy consumption.

Modified Image: Reuters
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