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Thursday, April 07, 2005
"A lotta sinners here. Lotta sinners."
--Cal Thomas, FOX

The satanic death's rictus of Paul Wolfowitz and a haggard and laughably dressed Paula Zahn graced Washington's annual media disgrace more commonly known as the White House Correspondent's Dinner as seen in this poorly framed Washington Post photo.
The tired Washington Hilton venue had to reek of Vaseline and Jurgen's lotion as papal funeral also-rans massaged each other's bruised egos in an atmosphere made festive by a Dick Cheney comedy routine as reported by Mark Leibovich:

The dinner was short on celebrity beyond the garden variety of Washington types...Hollywood was barely represented...and no one's heart seemed all that much in it anyway.

Sounds like my kind of schadenfreude!

A Blogscript
It seems from my brief foray onto the internets this morning that Blogger, the software that enables this humble portion of webdom, has been skittish during my past few days of personal news and opinion revulsion and has received criticism from highly critical net addicts.
Know, dear reader, that the shortage of posts in this space has been due to illness and an inability to find humor in the news of these icky post modern days.
In my opinion, the Blogger software has almost always performed beautifully and I have zero complaints.
It might behoove the excessively critical to step outside to acquire a clean healthy lungfull of spring air.
The folks at Blogger should know that a Blogger tee (XL) or mousepad would be a most welcome reward for my unsolicited defense!

Image: Washinghton Post
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