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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Sealed with a Kiss

At the beginning of our cold, lonely summer, the good folks at Media Matters are reporting that a highly relevant aspect of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's visit to Crawford has been almost completely ignored by the controlled big media.
The Agence France-Presse wire service reported on Monday:

A member of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz's delegation was denied entry into the United States after authorities found he was on a government "watch" list...Homeland Security, in a routine check of the delegation passenger manifest, found that one traveller was on a government list meant to screen out possible terrorists...the State Department denied that person a visa and so they did not enter the country.

The Dallas Morning News (subscription required) confirmed the AFP story in a report published this morning:

A member of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's entourage was banned from the prince's trip to Dallas [Love Field]...A second person who did travel with the delegation to the United States merited "additional scrutiny but still qualified for a visa and arrived with the delegation."

The Dallas Morning News report ended with this facinating tidbit:

The Saudi crown prince arrived at Dallas Love Field on Saturday...His huge entourage traveled in five airplanes, a Boeing 777, Boeing 767, two Boeing 747s and an Airbus 340.

Neither of the two reports mentioned where the First Lady was stashed while the President cuddled with the notoriously misognistic (unless the females are freshly kidnapped and shackled in a harem) Saudi heir.

Slightly Modified Image: Reuters
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