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Saturday, April 09, 2005
She’s a bloody tramp, isn’t she?
--Duchy of Cornwall resident to CNN

Thanks to our trashy event-addicted media, one couldn’t escape coverage of a foolish and doddering Prince Charles legalizing 30 plus years of sport sex with Godzilla Parker-Bowles this fine spring Saturday.
CNN’s morning coverage was unintentionally hilarious and succeeded only in reinforcing the lunacy of royal pretensions.
My favorite CNN anchor remark, delivered as cameras tracked a freshly hitched Rottweiler, was, believe it or not:

“All the years of sleeping around have finally paid off.”

The Princes chat with new step-sibs

Though visually obvious from a variety of camera angles, the biggest news of the day was not noticed by CNN’s poorly prepared anchors; Prince William, royal hunk and a less baggage-laden successor to Elizabeth II, is showing early signs of male pattern baldness.
Never fear.
If Wills requires plugs they can be easily harvested from new step mummy’s droopy upper lip!

Photos: BBC, Getty
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