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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Truth Delay'ed

Tom feels the love from the allegedly youthful cross-section.

Yesterday, landing on the Stepford channel, MSNBC, for just a few seconds, I had the great misfortune to watch one of that channel’s trademark former-underwear-model correspondents give a glowingly false impression of Congressman’s Tom Delay’s appearance during a staged Bush rally at the University of Texas.
The huggable reporter first tried to give the false impression that President Bush regularly speaks to unvetted cross-sections of the American people.
Yeah, and Jeff Gannon’s unmonitored time in the White House was spent doing research!
Since this University of Texas crowd was participating in one of the President’s doomed Private Account rallies, I think it is a fairly safe bet, supported by reams of prior documentation from similar rallies, that yesterday's Galveston crowd was thoroughly pre-vetted.
Indeed, a casual glance at the photo accompanying this post clearly identifies Leader Delay surrounded by other similarly porcine GOP types, all with that secure glow from a fresh probing.
Having established the Texan crowd as an allegedly impartial one, MSNBC’s latest gammon correspondent quickly moved onto the mystery meat of his no potato info snack, the crowd’s great love for embattled Leader Delay.
Why, people even yelled, “We love you Tom!”
Gosh, the tide has to be turning.
Or maybe our eager young cable star was told to express that sentiment from his 1,000+ mile distant vantage point?
Reuters correspondent Caren Bohan, refreshingly filing from Galveston, had this interesting fact:

The hand-picked audience of the president's supporters gave DeLay an enthusiastic welcome. Before Bush spoke, DeLay stood up and waved, drawing applause and some shouts of "We love you, Tom" and "Keep up the good work."

Yeah, there's nothing like a tide-turning wave of canned enthusiam!

Image: Reuters
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