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Friday, May 13, 2005
Miss Mehlman Screamed:

The good people at Media Matters posted this curious frame grab acquired during Monday's fiendish air attack by the (snicker) "papercup" Cessna 150 and her student pilot.
Golly, it seems Roger Ailes' pod people, in their always facinating alleged news crawl, noted the evacuation of the Republican National Committee without mentioning that the Democratic National Committee was also evacuated.
Perhaps the amusing mental image of RNC Chairman and reputed closet homosexual Ken Mehlman in a frenzied scream-filled dash to the comforting embrace of a Capitol Hill policeman filled the empty minds of the FOX poddies as it currently fills mine.

On Wednesday, Wonkette posted this image of the Bicyclist-in-Chief returning to the White House long after Monday's Cessna crisis clutching a, no doubt well-thumbed, copy of Tom Wolfe's trashy I Am Charlotte Simmons.
Aside from Wonkette pointing out that Bush media shill Elizabeth Bumiller reported the President reading this book more than 3 months ago in the New York Times, I'm wondering if the Secret Service should allow our fall-prone leader to attempt to read a book while bike riding.
Perhaps the reason Mr. Bush was kept in the dark, while the First Lady and Nancy Reagan huddled in a bunker, was to prevent the dangerous bike teetering the introduction of a 3rd element (bike ride, book, attack on Washington) into the President's walk-and-chew-gum thinking could potentially create.

Image: Media Matters, Wonkette
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