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Monday, May 23, 2005

Regular visitors, I’m sure, have noticed that my posting stopped last Thursday.
Early Thursday evening, I received a panicked call from my elderly parents saying that their new condominium was on fire.
Northern Kentucky suffered all Thursday under the lash of some particularly violent thunder and electrical storms.
One vicious bolt apparently struck the balcony railing of one condo and shot upwards to strike and instantly ignite the roof of the building containing my Mom and Dad's beautiful unit.
In the space of a few seconds an ordinary spring evening dissolved into terror and despair.
We are grateful that no one was injured or killed but several families lost everything.
My parents were more fortunate than some as their possessions escaped unscathed but they face many months in temporary quarters as their building is essentially rebuilt.
The American Red Cross was on the scene instantly and provided vital assistance.
Also providing assistance, aside from the insurance company, are some of my parents’ wonderful neighbors and friends.
I am most grateful for their kind help in minimizing the trauma to my wonderful parents.
I shall try to return to my odd hit and miss posting schedule as soon as possible.
If you could spare my family a brief prayer I would be most grateful.

Image: sean
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