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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
A "Sniff" of Radiation

The brand new Huffington Post reports exclusively on a new book that claims the Saudi princes have rigged their oil production infrastructure with conventional and dirty bombs as a scorched earth last resort for Familia Bush’s best hand-holding chums.
According to Secrets of the Kingdom: The Inside Story of the Saudi-US Connection:

The Saudi Arabian government has in place a nationwide, self-destruction explosive system composed of conventional explosives and dirty bombs strategically placed at the Kingdom’s key oil ports, pipelines, pumping stations, storage tanks, offshore platforms, and backup facilities. If activated, the bombs would destroy the infrastructure of the world’s largest oil supplier, and leave the country a contaminated nuclear wasteland.

The Huffington Post has a nice layout and, over the last two days, has included several stories that imediately caught my interest.
Best of luck even if I was snubbed by their blogroll.

Though I’m exhausted from a day in this year’s all bloom and color garden, I though I’d extend a warm and cheery hello to the various G-men terror sniffers lurking here of late.
From an article on the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs:

To combat terrorism on the Internet governments can use ‘sniffers,’ people who sift through the information on the Internet and monitor the information passing between terrorists. Another strategy to combat terrorist uses of the Internet, such as data mining, is to simply remove information from the Internet.

Of course ordinary Americans are not terrorists or are we?
Could,,,,, and, all who have visited this blog in the last few days, just be looking for explosive spice combinations similar to my exotic usage of Achiote in yesterday’s delicious Pork and White Corn Stew?
I wonder?
I doubt the President’s security people screened the thousands of screaming kerchief-wavers and apparently one lone Georgian grenade tosser greeting Mr. Bush during his ongoing visits to the former authoritarian Soviet-block nations in a manner similar to that used in Danville, ILL or Oshkosh, WI.
Have we all, and I include you government sniffers in the term “all”, grown so weary of freedom that we can tolerate these authoritarian encroachments upon it?
It is sad and, I have to admit, a little intimidating to see Internet protocol addresses emanating from the Executive Office of the President or the DOD’s Advanced Research Projects Agency showing up here on my miniscule chunk of web space.
Unless, of course, the intention of these governmental and military sniffs, all along, is to intimidate little bloggers across America.
I say to all of you sniffers and fellow Americans that a focus on real bomb-toting digital terrorists might bear more defensive fruit than my mad but tasteful postings here at the intersection of sensitive art, food and political interests.
Just a thought.

This years' garden includes:
Siberian Iris or Iris Siberica,
An Ageratum hybrid called Artist Purple,
A Salvia Guaranitica called Black & Blue,
Osteospermum Ecklonis or Sunscape Daisy,
the Vinca Titian Lilac
and a gorgeous Carnation-like Marigold hybrid called Inca II Orange.

Modified Image: The Huffington Post
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