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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Was E.F. "Updated"?

According to an inspector general’s report detailed in today’s Louisville Courier-Journal, a one time Breckenridge County highway superintendent, Edmund A. Wilson, hired through the political intervention of the then Deputy Secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, behaved in a most unprofessional manner and was fired after repeated complaints from fellow Transportation Cabinet employees.
While on the state payroll, Superintendent Wilson:

-Carried a gun in a state truck and used a state garage to fix the home furnace of the Breckinridge County Republican Party chairman.

-Racked up complaints, including an alleged failure to take safety precautions, including “rushed” jobs without posted warning signs or flagmen…and openly flaunted the fact that he knew people in high places.

-Disobeyed a supervisor's order and violated cabinet policy by selling used tires from a state vehicle and using the $200 to buy a catered lunch.

-Ordered two employees to use their state-issued credit cards to make unauthorized purchases.

-Asked a Cabinet Administrative specialist, on state time, to type a letter in which he lobbied for early release from prison for a friend's son.

-And, used a Transportation Cabinet front-end loader to take his grandson on a joy ride around the garage parking lot.

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