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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

L to R-Pot #40, Pot #154 and Pot #93 *

I was pleased, this past weekend, to receive an email from George Rydings of the Rozart Pottery in Excelsior Springs, Missouri announcing 180 new pots for sale.
Founded in 1969 by George and his wife Rose after years of collecting the more famous Ohio Art Potteries and a Community Center course in ceramics, the Rozart Pottery has, over the years, attracted a devoted following appreciative of the Rydings’ artistry and stylistic homage to Rookwood and Weller.
Rozart pots, aside from beauty, also, seem to hold their value, as an occasional glance at Ebay will attest.
This currently ongoing Ebay auction with four days remaining before its close, while currently displaying a rather modest bid, displays a rather immodestly large number of bidders for the attractive cat portrait pillow vase.
The large number of bidders and the relatively low current bid price suggests that this particular vase will hammer in the vicinity of $135, likely a notch or two above its original selling price.
In a backhanded tribute to Rozart Pottery’s collectibility, the Rydings’ experienced an unwanted notoriety when the storeroom in their studio was robbed of their finer pieces on October 14, 2004.
While George Rydings told me that some of the stolen items have been recovered, some from an antique mall less than 100 miles away from Excelsior Springs, many remain missing.
In another backhanded tribute to the Rydings’ artistry, Marie and Mark Latta, in their Report from the Heartland within the current issue of the American Art Pottery Association’s Journal, detail a phone call from a very upset George Rydings concerning an Ebay scam misrepresenting a piece of Rozart Pottery as a piece of Weller.
The vase, a tall two-handled jug bearing the portrait of a monkey, had its bottom altered to reflect a Weller mark and ultimately sold to an unknown and unsuspecting bidder for $2,135.01.
The 180 pots announced for sale by George this past weekend range in price from a very affordable $45 to $295 and would make a lovely addition to most any décor.
I can attest, from personal experience, that George packs and ships his ceramic ware with great care.
I would urge you to visit the Rydings’ web page, peruse the 18 pages of new pots and tiles and email George the item number of the object of your purchasing desire along with your mailing address for a determination of shipping costs.

*Pot #40 is a Floral by George Rydings for $110, Pot #154 is a Copper Verde by Rose Rydings for $125 and Pot #93 is an American Indian portrait of Sa-Lo-So-Tsal-Au-Te by Becky Rydings-White for $225.
The pot's true sizes are NOT reflected in the photo.
Accurate measurements are on the Ryding's site.

Photo: Rozart Pottery Studio
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