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Saturday, June 25, 2005
Spinning Rove

Dan Bartlett, the presidential advisor, enforcer and variable-memory witness, Friday morning pasted his worn “Aw shucks, Ma’am” grin in the space directly under his shark eyes in appearances on the morning news programs intended to further the slurs first hurled by Karl Rove in New York City Wednesday evening.
As usual the networks played their part beautifully affording Bartlett easy questions and no distracting Democratic presence to muddle a Phase II spin that posits a White House “somewhat puzzled” and “not sure” regarding outraged demands for a Rove apology or resignation.
One doesn’t have to listen particularly carefully to the presidential advisor to see the holes in the White House defensive spin.
Bartlett says Rove’s intemperate remarks were, “very specific, very accurate” and directed at the grassroots political organization
Really, Dan?
Having read various media reports including the New York Times story I linked to Thursday, I didn’t read of Rove making a specific or accurate sentence linking or Michael Moore in the specific sentences that sparked this controversy.
Rove, specifically and accurately, chose a word Republicans have long used to smear Democrats.
Rove, in sentences absent “MoveOn” and “Moore”, accused “liberals” and that use was intentional and, obviously considering the coordinated remarks by Ken Mehlman and a new RNC web video entitled “Wild Thing”, part of a fresh effort to distract citizens and the easily distracted corporate media from Bush administration failures.
Unfortunately for the once “boy genius”, Americans, increasingly weary of Bush excuses, war and the rising costs of energy and food, are not, now, so easily suckered.
Karl Rove as a sophisticated and knowledgeable Presidential Advisor is not as naive as he would like the rest of us to be.
Rove spoke as a representative of the United States government and in this role his grossly unwise statements have slandered half the population of the nation.
The President if he had a shred of the moral decency he loves to claim would have, by now, asked Mr. Rove to pen a brief letter of resignation.

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