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Saturday, June 11, 2005
"Tim, I'd Like To Solve Your Speech..."

Coping with a busy Saturday, I still had time to laugh at a brief Washington Post story linked by the terrific local Washington, DC media site

Harvard students put their education to good a rousing game of Tim Russert bingo...[Students] read that Russert uses at each graduation ceremony a modified version of his commencement speech...[They] looked up the text, printed up bingo cards with key Russert phrases in each square and passed out the cards to 50 classmates before the event...[Max] Brodsky said. "If they get five in a row, they can shout out, 'bingo!' And people did."

Memo to NBC honchos: I'm smelling a Press the Meat youth demo format change.
Maybe the complexion-challenged Andrea Mitchell could do Vanna?

Modified Image: Merv Griffin Productions, NBC
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