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Monday, June 13, 2005
Vee Pee's Playhouse

Is Vice President Dick Cheney getting enough fresh air and sunshine down in the dank subterranean recesses of his of high security playhouse?
Has a pesky incursion of brain mildew affected the legendary probity of the President’s éminence grise while endangering his possible collection of looted high-end Iraqi antiquities?
With yet more reported divisions roiling the fog that normally obscures the intellectual workings of the Bush White House, the controlled conservative corporate press’ cliché “some people” must have their skittish sensitivities in yet another dither anticipating the VP’s highly publicized Dean counterattack within the window dressing of an alleged interview with FOX News scheduled for broadcast later today.
According to a Vice President still steamed from being called a “white Christian”, Reuter's reports him saying, no doubt from the side of his mouth:

"Howard Dean's over the top. I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does."

Clearly, we are entering the Pee Wee’s Playhouse phase of the 2nd Bush term.
What else but probity hampered with shower stall slime would prompt this excessive swing from the heavy Cheney bat?
As Pee Wee once judiciously remarked to Cowboy Curtis, "You know what they say! Big boots...big feet!"
Can anyone really deny the VP’s complaint descends to new grandiloquent lows with this white Christian reinterpretation of the classic and almost Pee Wee-esque “Yo, Momma”?
Governor Dean should be complimented and reassured both by the snuffling squeals he provokes so effectively within the old lady wing of the Democratic Party as well as the Sith elements of our Empire’s dark side.
The DNC Chairman should resort to Pee Wee's classic retort, "I know you are, but what am I?"
We urge the Vice President to take a couple of aspirin as well as a therapeutic Kaboom immersion.

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