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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

With various proofs of the President’s historic decline into lame duckiness coursing through the blogs and the corporate media, I thought I’d relate a brief and horribly sad Duck Tale of one former supporter.
This person, a friend, was only a few months ago unable to tolerate even modest criticism of Poppy and Bar’s eldest.
Today, this individual’s loyalties have been withdrawn from Mr. Bush and I have to imagine the particular set of circumstances causing this abrupt change is happening and will happen elsewhere in our country.
What caused this loyalist to see Mr. Bush stripped of his glory?
A 14 year-old son caught abusing the cheap Afghan heroin currently flooding America.
A family suffers unspeakable tragedy and an innocent young man is potentially destroyed so that an illusion of an economically viable fledgling Afghan democracy can, sort of, exist in tandem with the illusion of a President’s leadership.
A heavy price and one a former two-time George W. Bush voter has been forced to pay with their young child.

Modified Image: Nintendo, Walt Disney Company
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