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Friday, July 29, 2005
Hackett for Ohio's 2nd

Max Cleland campaigns with Paul Hackett

Just this past March, Marine Reserve Major Paul Hackett returned from a seven-month tour in Iraq with the 5th Marine Regiment’s 4th Civil Affairs Group near Ramadi.
This Tuesday he stands as a Democrat for the 2nd Ohio Congressional seat in a special election.
The Republican smear machine is laughably trying to tarnish Hackett for his honorable service by, among other things, saying he was a “file clerk”.
Stars & Stripes has the non-smear facts:

He arrived in Iraq in August, and took over convoy commander duties and helped organize the payroll of Ramadi-area government workers. In November, he volunteered to help secure the eastern entry into Fallujah while coalition forces swept through the city.

This link and this one are to feature stories on the 4th Civil Affairs Group posted at from a time frame parallel with Hackett’s service.
I would urge my local Cincinnati metropolitan area readers residing in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District to give this fine young man your vote and make Paul Hackett the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress.
Be aware that over this weekend and Monday the Republican smear campaign, flush with $304 thousand from the National Republican Congressional Committee, will be in full force with legal and not quite so legal mass phone calls.
If you have the ability and presence of mind to record one of the false whispered rumor calls please do so and send the recording to the local media and the Democratic Party.

Photo: Michael Keating-Cincinnati Enquirer
Just a comment on the gannon thing I posted on the last midnight:

The problem is that there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between blogs such as Americablog and Guckert. The Guckert scandal got lots of people to discover the likes of Americablog while looking for info on the then scandal du jour. Blogs made Guckert famous, Guckert made blogs famous, and now no one is letting go......

Look, I never heard of Americablog or many other blogs until I heard about Guckert on Bill Maher's show.
I did my search, and found interesting discussions between bloggers in the comment sections of various blogs. Actually, Witch, your blog is one of the few with thread posts worth reading. You actually write, and aren't glued to one constant theme. Nice change in the world of blogs.

The point I am trying to make is this. This milking of Guckert only benefits Guckert, and the bloggers using the sales of Guckert related items ("No One Knows I'm A Manwhore" T Shirts etc... clever, not) to finance various pseudo-celebrity hugging jaunts across the globe. Yes, it seems there are many, many, whores out there.

This well has run dry. Time to move on and move forward. So many issues are not even being addressed by blogs that could be. Many issues impact women, the trans-gendered, the poor (yes, those who can't give to the send a blogger abroad fund) etc. Human rights involves the rights of all humans, not just humans like you or me.

Constantly I see the low road taken.
Easy cut and paste meets easy enemy distinction, and bloggers feel like new age journalists. Give me a break.

I loathe Guckert. I also don't see how he is relevant other than in that he provides a sure ticket blog topic and increased sales of worthless items that look like something marked half off at the local Big Lots.

I hope never to hear the words "Gannon" or read another thread topic devoted to selling junk or asking about the easiest way to free up Euro-cellular minutes. Pardon me while I go puke.
I think novia scotia incorrectly posted to this blog when he meant to post at Americablog...Oops!
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