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Monday, July 25, 2005
My Kingdom For A Gap

Alberto Gonzales demonstrates for reporters how he could have caused the 12 hour gap.

The Rosemary Woods of the Bush II administration, Alberto Gonzales, made headlines with his sputtery, rapid eye-blinking responses to the last set of Bob Schieffer questions on yesterday's Mace the Nation.
Though poor Rosemary, er, Alberto was trying to sound happy-go-lucky, his mannerisms betrayed his nervousness.
Bob was not amused.

Crook and Liars has the WindowsMedia and Quicktime clips of the Gonzales questions as well as Schieffer's discussion of the AG's responses with Senator Joe Biden.
Here's a CBS transcript in PDF.

After yesterday's posting on the lone Kensington portrait tile, I thought it would be appropriate to post an image of a complete set.

Images: White House, Ford Library, sean
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