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Monday, August 29, 2005
Fletch Pours Gas on Fire

Governor attempts a clintonian lip bite

Here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky we sometimes joke that the next stop after the Governor’s mansion for certain staff and family members is often the state prison.
Ernie Fletcher, the Christian governor who campaigned for government cleanliness, tonight set in motion his likely impeachment and a future crafting license plates by pardoning staff members who have yet to be charged with violating state hiring practices.
According to Lexington’s WKYT, Fletcher’s actions “could just open several new fronts on the legal battleground” recently complicated by grand jury findings “that federal laws may have been violated”.
Fletcher’s “pardons” come one day before the embattled Governor is due to appear before that same special grand jury.
Fletcher’s claim that senior staff members merely provided “’inadequate oversight’ of younger people” is particularly laughable when considering the open secret of closeted homosexuality among some of these senior staffers and their regular close oversight of young male companions at various state Republican party functions.
The Governor, according to a variety of sources, promised that he would appear but not testify before the grand jury tomorrow.
Grand jurors, I imagine, will feel no such verbal hesitancy toward our sly Governor.

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