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Friday, August 12, 2005
It’s Friday and after a morning of errands I have a good book beckoning and dinner to prepare so please accept this hodge-podge posting.

The Governator's Gigi

Hoping that time was on his side, Governator Ah-nold, contrary to yesterday’s post, can’t get no satisfaction.
The LA Times, this morning publishes word that American Media Inc., publishers of the supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer and several now Ah-nold-relationship-severed muscle magazines, helped play under assistant west coast promotion man by keeping under their thumb the not yet Governator’s most salacious non-Maria emotional rescue.
Yup, it sounds like hey, get off my elected cloud for our all hands Republican family man.
LA Times story
Some background on Ah-nold’s jumping jack flash.

Hear no evil

If you prefer your salacious governmental tales less sexual check out’s great round up of the Rove leak scandal principals.

Since there are so many cookbooks floating about, it is often difficult to select one for purchase.
May I recommend Lidia’s Bastianich’s spectacular cookbook, Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen to your attention?
If you have watched Lidia’s cooking show on PBS you already know this lady is serious about Italian cooking.
This, her latest cookbook, is a triumph!
Rather than book reviewing you to death let me simply say that using this beautifully organized book I’ve made several pasta dishes, a wonderful pizza Margherita, several delicious sauces and Lidia’s killer meatballs.
Tonight, I’ll prepare a rather simple seventh dish from this cookbook, Broccoli Rabe and Sausage.
Tonight’s dish, like the six that have preceded it, will, I know, be wonderful.
Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen is a must for any serious home chef so do yourself, friends and family a favor and get it.

Images:, Reuters, The National Enquirer
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