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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That 2002 Art Newspaper story, mentioned in the two most previous posts, on the American Council for Cultural Policy has this interesting paragraph:

Art collectors and dealers including Ashton Hawkins, former counsel to New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, have formed the American Council for Cultural Policy…The inaugural meeting of its 45-person Board of Advisers on 9 October [2002], at the Fifth Avenue apartment of Guido Goldman, a collector of Uzbek textiles, drew the antiquities collector Shelby White, the former Getty curator Arthur Houghton (a vice-president), the former Kimbell Art Museum director Edmund Pillsbury, and the legal scholar Professor John Merryman. Lawyers from major museums were also there.

Who are these people, you ask?

Shelby White, President Clinton nominated Shelby White to the government's Cultural Property Advisory Committee, she, according to, “is known for being too willing to acquire objects with a dubious provenance or ownership history."

Edmund Pillsbury, former director of the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, at age 30, he became the curator of European art at Yale University Art Gallery and later director of the Yale Center for British Art in London. He earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Yale.
Dr. Pillsbury, as my previous posts describe, has a new job.

John Merryman, Nelson Bowman Sweitzer and Marie B. Sweitzer Professor of Law (Emeritus), affiliated Professor in the Department of Art, Stanford University, leading expert in cultural property and art law.

Arthur Houghton, International Policy Analyst, US Government (White House) 1989-1995, President Arthur Houghton Associates, 1995-present, specialist in Seleucid coins, author or editor of four books on numismatics, 40+ articles, his 2 volume Part 1 Seleucid Coins, a Comprehensive Catalog Part 1: Seleucus I – Antiochus III sells for 240EU.

Ashton Hawkins, former executive vice-president and Counsel to the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he, according to, “was a founding board member of the World Monuments Fund and a close friend of Jackie Onassis's, he's a longtime society fixture who rarely steps out without an entourage.”

Guido Goldman, son of Nachum Goldman, former president of the World Zionist Organization, Dr. Goldman has amassed, according to, the world’s largest and finest private collection of Central Asian Ikat wall hangings along with Central Asian silk and velvet garments.

Images: Reuters, New York Social Diary,, Denver Art Museum,, Heritage Galleries and Auctioneers
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