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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Haven’t you ever wondered what a man like President Bush thinks about during high profile meetings and assemblies with members of foreign governments?
Thanks to Reuters' photographer Rick Wilking we manage a glimpse into that vast empty Bush cavern as the leader of the Free World is immortalized penning a poorly punctuated note to his Secretary of State during yesterday’s UN Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit in New York.
The photograph, snapped in the midst of feverish White House PR attempts to resurrect the President as a mature and responsible chief executive following the Katrina leadership disaster, has been noticeably absent from mainstream media coverage but did hit a few of the big liberal blogs late yesterday afternoon and Editor & Publisher last evening.
The image, according to E&P, is “destined to become one of the most joked about photos of the month”.
The President’s mid meeting note to Condi reads:

I think I may need a bathroom break (sic)?
Is this possible?

One can only assume Mr. Bush over indulged in Cappuccinos and juice at the pre Security Council World Leader buffet.
No wonder Condi soothes her bruised ego with $3,000 shoes.
Does Dr. Rice’s department now maintain an office for a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Urinary Affairs?

Photo: Reuters
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