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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Let's Be Blunt

As Washington’s massive disaster failures are being tidied under our lumpy national carpet, good old-fashioned backstabbing, food poisoning politics galloped back into America’s bizarre capitol, yesterday, with the smoking indictment of Thomas Dale Delay.
High school wrestling coach Denny Hastert, unable to save Delay with a highly controversial House rule change, had laid plans for the succession and possible restoration of Mr. Delay with the anointing of the safe, do-as-you’re-told, politically submissive House Rules Committee chairman, David Dreier.

Blunt, Hastert and Dreier confront the media

Unfortunately, Speaker Denny’s wheel-greasing efforts went for naught as uptight House conservatives reacted violently to Ah-nold’s flamboyant former campaign manager being shoved down their virginal throats.
According to the Washington Post, winner of this year’s award for inappropriate obtuseness:

There was one big problem…Dreier…too moderate.

From voting record to the various positions he has held, Mr. Dreier is clearly marching in lockstep with the religious conservative Republican Party.
What, regarding poor Dave, could possibly upset all the super conservative fundamentalist House members and their supporters?
Gosh, I guess we’ll never know so Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.
Roy Blunt, an Ozark replica of Texas’ favorite insect exterminator and House Majority Whip, quickly presented himself to the mat-pinned Hastert as the moderate successor to Hammer time.
So moderate and so adept with the shiv was Roy that many of the super conservatives swooned with blunt delight. has posted a few blunt particulars on the new House Majority Leader’s multiple marriages, unsavory associations and the misuse of his position to monetarily and politically favor members of his own family.
Ah, the fresh wind of change…it’s so, uh…well, kind of stinky, I guess.

Visit the site where I found this image of Blunt & Perlman for some gruesome images of DC after Dark

I particularly enjoyed the fact that Mr. Blunt divorced his first wife of 31 years and mother of his children, Roseann Ray, to court and marry a slim, bio-enhanced Phillip Morris lobbyist, Abby Perlman.
No doubt desperate to pay the looming 2003 nuptial costs, the love-struck Blunt unsuccessfully attempted to insert a provision into the Homeland Security bill that would have benefited Phillip Morris who, by the way, also employs sticky-fingered Roy's son Andrew as a lobbyist.
Another young son, Matt, as luck would have it, managed to snag a string of political jobs culminating in his present governorship of Missouri.
Yes, change is in the wind.
The smell of roasting reputations and a fresh harvest of patronage wafts gently though the crisp air of autumnal Washington.

What happened to Dreier?

Photos: The Hill, Washington Post, Washington Life
Abby Perlman Blunt is scary. When I worked at the NRCC, I heard her say, "I'm going to be a second wife. And I'm going to raise my children to be second wives." Nice. She was . . . um. . hanging around with Billy Tauzin at the time.
Great comment...very interesting...thanks!
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