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Monday, September 26, 2005
The Sweet Young Face of Death

A young American soldier displays a badly burned Iraqi arm

After a hectic day of personal business, and after personally reeling from the huge numbers of blog visitors over the weekend, I began an innocent late afternoon surf.
John Aravosis of has been hinting of a major story and with a 6:46AM post he delivered the shocking story of American soldiers trading gruesome digital photos of Afghan and Iraqi dead for sexual images through the offices of a Dutch website called
I urge you to, at the very least, read John’s disturbing post for a flavor of the out-of-control hell America’s children face every waking moment in the war cauldron of the Bush administration’s incompetence.
I am the son of an Army veteran and I descend from a long family line service to country.
Twenty-seven years ago I was proudly a part of a vastly different United States Army.
This story makes me sick and ashamed.
I want my American and world readers to know that this horrible story does not reflect America’s values but rather the values of a heartless coterie of meritricious men and women occupying the highest reaches of the present American government.
I would urge my Dutch readers to petition the government of the Neatherlands to ban war porn from the digital files residing in your country.
While I know many Dutch citizens have supported Mr. Bush in the past, I cannot imagine such support for his war pornography.
This story is the horrendous harvest from the poisoned tree of Bush administration incompetence.
God may forgive these young men turned monsters but I doubt He will be so generous with the Dr. Frankensteins of our current federal bureaucracy.

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