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Saturday, October 08, 2005
A Harry Dilemma

The Los Angeles Times, this morning, insists Harriet Miers is, uh, straight.
No really.
Straight, straight, straight.
The girl simply loves the boys or, rather, a boy.
Just take a gander at this Dallas Morning News photo of Harry and her, uh, boyfriend.

The cosmetically and fashion-challenged Harry, in this undated and hopefully 70’s era photograph, is just, according to the Times, “very European”:

The lives of Nathan Hecht and Harriet E. Miers began to intertwine in the early 1970s…Friends thought they would get married…a kinship that has entranced and confounded their closest friends…The Rev. Ron Key, their pastor, said…theirs was the only relationship that had ever tempted him to intervene…"Their relationship has been such a special one. Sometimes I think they wanted to protect how special it was by not getting married."

Yeah, that’s the ticket.
I’m surprised the articles didn’t mention Harry and Nate’s vast collections of Melissa Etheridge and Judy Garland recordings…

Photo: Dallas Morning News & LA Times
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