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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I urge you to read two interesting companion articles, this morning, from Washington and London.
London’s Guardian-Observer puts it best with their headline, Something Stinks in America but the Washington Post is reporting that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could bring his investigation of the Bush administration to the public as early as this week:

Fitzgerald is considering whether he can bring charges of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by a group of senior Bush administration officials…[Judith] Miller's account…could establish a piece of a web of actions taken by officials that had an underlying criminal purpose.

The Guardian article, without saying directly, presents the Plame investigation as a piece of a larger plot:

DeLay is…the driving force behind a vicious, organized demonisation and attempted marginalization of Democrats that for sheer, unabashed political animus is unlike anything else witnessed in an advanced democracy…The K Street Project is little known outside the Washington beltway… DeLay, together with Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and some conservative activists, notably the ubiquitous Grover Norquist… conceived the notion 10 years ago that they should use the Republican majority in the House as a lever to ensure that the lobbyists, law firms and trade associations that inhabit Washington's K Street, heart of the industry, should only employ Republicans or sympathizers…DeLay's ambition was to construct such a disciplined Republican party that lobbyists would not need Democrats, and so create an inside track in which the only greased palms from legislators to lobbyists would be Republican.

I would argue that the K Street Project also influenced Washington area corporations, particularly the media, interested in federal deregulation.
These companies, also throughout the 1990’s, winnowed employees with avowed liberal attitudes from the ranks through a brutal application of streamlining and synergy, popular concepts in pre-millennial America and ultimately a clever subterfuge for companies hungry for non-traditional monetary streams.

NOTE: Latin words in the all-seeing pyramid symbol within this article's lede artwork translate as "words deceive" and "words deceive perception".
Here's a larger image of the pyramid symbol.

Image: AP, Tom Butler,, Reuters
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