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Monday, October 03, 2005

I've delayed long enough!
Postings will be irregular, as I must begin the final preparations for our annual trek to Florida.
Once we are ensconced within the leafy paradise of Sanibel and Captiva Islands, I may post occasionally as the islands, I’m told, are now wired for web connectivity.
Be aware that I'm using a pretty hefty “may” in the last sentence, but I have to imagine a major news event could provoke your humble blogger into using an unfamiliar laptop, hiking to a Hot Spot and posting.
The southwestern Florida intercoastal waterways, however, are best enjoyed unplugged.
We should return and normal posting should resume sometime in November.

Image: sean
Don't give in to temptation! Enjoy the sand, the shells, and the Key Lime Pie. Step away from the computer.

We'll miss you, though!
Thanks alot, truth. I appreciate my readers a very great deal, I'm very grateful for your valuable attention and I hope I've made you laugh in these sadly too serious days. Add steamed shrimp and lobster bisque to the Key Lime Pie menu and several visits to a Ft Myers breakfast/lunch must, The Oasis! We are happy recovery has progressed and that tourism is, again, welcome in this most beautiful place still suffering from last year's brutal hurricanes. We hope to see friends from Massachusetts and Minnesota and we are saddened that our friends Tony and Sue from the UK won't be there this year. Also, I just have to see a damn manatee this year...those suckers are big but they're mighty sly!
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