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Monday, October 03, 2005
Some things, like bad hair and the smooth taste of malt liquer, never go out of style!

Thanks to Brian for the challenge!
Click image for a larger version...

Modified Image: Dallas Morning News,,
Heya Sean...

WTF is with that bottle of yellow...stuff...common to both pictures? (Soda of some kind I guess, although the container is awfully large, and the color is more reminiscent of a cleansing product of some sort, possibly including radioactive waste for that "extra sparkly look").

You mention picture is modified, did you photoshop that into either or both pix?
Oh, xan, I'm assuming you are unfamiliar with America's favorite malt beverage and the TV commercial resume of Billy Dee Williams???
Maybe it's a cultural thang...
"Modified" means that I modified the image...something we occasionally do here at planetsean global HQ.
Thanks for posting a comment.
Indeed, the boundaries of my cultural cluelessness are proven once again to be beyond belief.

So what IS this shit?? While west Tennessee is not exactly the repository of beverage diversity, I have satellite TV and get stations from NY to CA, and yet have somehow managed to miss this Billy Dee Licious ad in question.

I would still rather use this fluid to remove oil deposits from the driveway rather than consume internally, just sayin'... :)
Oh, xan to be so young...Billy Dee's commercial was, at least, 20 years ago. Colt 45 is something you slip to a date...with it's heavy blast of alcohol, magic, often, ensues...Boozers like it too and, I think, it is still brewed and sold. I don't know as my bodily temple is kept spotless in the off chance I'll physically ascend into heaven to spite my born-again brother.
PS-We'll be driving through your gorgeous state next week enroute to Florida...I can't wait! Tennessee, the land of mountain beauty, fireworks and adult book stores...Actually, I might force a stop at an antique mall or two. I luv to go sale-ing!
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