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Monday, November 28, 2005
Fasces Value

If we really were like the ancient Roman people, whose symbols of state our Founders copied, the non-lethal crumbling of a portion of the Supreme Court building's West Pediment moments before the opening session of a Court returning from a two-week recess during the initial months of a new Chief Justice's inaugural term would be a much more significant story than this morning's interpretation by the MSM would suggest.
Spookily, from the Associated Press:

The fallen marble lay directly in the center of the path up to the court entrance.

Like Imperial Rome, and sadly for the new Chief Justice and allegedly sober historians, omens and portents, like today's falling chunk of Vermont marble, occasionally present themselves along the Potomac for the casual to serious amusement of a wide swath of the citizenry and state priesthood.
Notice that the allegorical figure of Authority wields the ancient Roman fasces, a rod bundle surrounding an axe.
This device, carried before high Roman officeholders, symbolized imperium, literally the ability to command and divine the behavior of birds.
Authority seems to have protected the fasces while sustaining some damage himself.
Our President should be so lucky.

Photo: Reuters
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