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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Within moments of stealing the Chair of St. Peter, Joe Ratzinger was embroiled in a major historical imbroglio.
The abuse scandals?
Women priests?
Gay marriage?
The new pope's first crisis involved fashion.
It seems the aged effete had developed a parallel and once repressed taste for medieval papal clothing along with his 10th century moral philosophy.
This Newsweek article was one of a raft of "Pope wears Prada" stories published shortly after this past year's Papal Conclave when it was revealed that Ratzinger had dumped Annibale Gammarelli, papal tailor since 1792, for his own personal sequin-studded and designer accessory-packed couture.
How Christ-like!
Yesterday, beaming like a schoolgirl and appearing completely foolish, Ratzie preened and modeled a new Santa-like cappellus, called a camauro, similar to one once worn by pre-enlightenment pontiffs.
The world media snickered.

Photos: ANSA, AP
What are you suggesting, Sean?
Keep reading back posts, sweetie!
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Perhpas if we had listened to the Ponitff's moral theolgy we wouldn't be in the mess we are today! What ever His Holiness Benedict XVI wears proves his connection with the Apostolic Tradition - the only sniggering going on is by those people who don't respect holiness when they see it.
Anonymous...What a lovely name. Is your namesake St. Anonymous, patron of less sure blog commenters???
Firstly, to your (Ahem!) points, there's another "o" in theology and Joe Ratzinger's pre-Vatican II desire for lost Church power can hardly be called theology by any spelling.
Secondly, if his Wholiness wore Borat's lime green thong, you did say "whatever", do you really feel it would prove "his connection with the Apostolic Tradition"? I think (shudder!) not. This pope wears Prada and there is no escaping that unprecedented fact.
I most certainly respect holiness but infrequently see it among the sad remnants of America's once boy-mad, zipper-crazed clergy.
PS-Joe looked ridiculous in his 2007 Palm Sunday vestments this past Sunday...God only knows what Prada, D&G and the mad queen who's pope have dreamed up for Easter.
Thanks for commenting!!!
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