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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A club review in this morning's New York Times had this curious nugget:

Fat Baby, the latest hot spot on the Lower East Side…has played host to several celebrities. Vice magazine held its holiday party there (and if anybody knows hipster porn stars, it's Vice). Jenna Bush came in and left behind her ID (unhip). The manager returned it but quickly became embroiled in a rumor-filled predicament that culminated in a phone call from the Secret Service (hip).

Interestingly, this bit of NYT reportage reinforced an item that has been floating on for a few days now:

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Is this story the reason why Radar Magazine got shut down?)
According to a source who has seen the footage, which features a self-described downtown coke dealer relating his late-night run-in with the First Daughter, and brandishing her college ID as a souvenir, the man insinuates that the two shared more than just one point the dealer claims that the young, blonde Jenna Bush with the Texas accent he hung out with that night (and who happened to leave behind Jenna Bush’s belongings) had been "helping [him] clean up" the bar after a long night of partying...we hear the UT-Austin ID card displayed in the film clearly shows the hard-partying political liability's name, picture and student ID number.

Modified Image: Reuters
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