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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Poor Dick Cheney's valued privacy has been bothered by pesky wire service photographers.
In fact, the reclusive Mr. Cheney has been photographed more in the last two days than in the last six years.
No matter the private wishes of the 4 seperately married men and women who made up the 4 person/3 lobbyist overnight hunt party that resulted in what is being called an "accidental" shotgun blast, the VP's half-hearted admission of alcohol consumption, rumors of a Monica problem, and indications that Cheney was actually 7 to 10 yards from the victim, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that this new scandal has the tabloid sensation aspects of a cranky old caucasion OJ headlining in an old-fashioned, barn-burning and theatrically political firestorm.
For example, here is a snippet of Cheney waltzing around the number of non Secret Service people at the accident scene with him in the FOX interview:

THE VICE PRESIDENT: ...And a group of us had hunted all day on Saturday.

Q How many?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Oh, probably 10 people. We weren't all together, but about 10 guests at the ranch. There were three of us who had gotten out of the vehicle...each of us got a bird. Harry couldn't find his...The other hunter and I then turned and walked about a hundred yards in another direction --

Well, let's see...there was "eyewitness" Katherine Armstrong already placing herself in the "vehicle" at the time of the accident and I do not recall her mentioning six other people Cheney's convoluted remark implies should be there.
Were these six other non Secret Service people really present at the accident scene and if so where are their testimonials?
And could Cheney's "other Hunter" actually be US Ambassador to Lichtenstein Pamela Willeford, the Veep's rumored tyrolean strudel?
Stay tuned and strap on your seatbelts, kiddies!
This one will be bumpy...

Photos: AFP, AP, Reuters
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