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Friday, February 17, 2006
Cover Still Not Nailed Down
"That's what happened last Friday."

Take a look at this Washington Post video of Whittington speaking and particularly notice the young fellow behind Whittington.
At 50 seconds in to the tape the young guy winks and nods to someone off camera right.
At 56 seconds Whittington says he was shot "last Friday."
And, at 58 seconds the young guys eyes rapidly pong camera right and make contact with his off-camera PR buddy before they guiltily return to regular level eyes.
Thusfar, the eagle eyes in daytime cable TV "media" have not noticed.

EVENING UPDATE--MSNBC's Keith Olberman opened his program with Whittington's "Friday" slip...NBC's angle was different from the Washington Post video link above and failed to show the young bug-eyed fellow behind Whittington.
Mr. Olberman was also concerned that the proof of some of Whittington's injuries to the right side of his face and neck contradict previous statements of the Vice President, Mrs. Armstrong and
the local sheriff's report.
By the day's end only a
handful of print publications even carried the "Friday" quote and those that carried it drew no special attention to the fact that all previous parties had described a late Saturday afternoon accident.

Too funny...and that's funny strange and funny ha-ha.
Damage-wise, as the hard-boiled say, and according to a terrific article on trauma by Robert O’Connor:

When objects collide with each other, their kinetic energy is dissipated in several ways…- sound waves, heat, and deformation or disruption…leads to tissue damage. The more dense the tissue, the greater resistance it offers and thus the damaged sustained is worse.

To my eye, even considering that the elderly bruise easily, Mr. Whittington sustained considerable distance-shortening trauma from blast effects as well as from the increasingly more curious birdshot pattern itself.
Whittington saying that the "accident" happened "last Friday", even if a completely innocent flub, coupled with ever more apparant evidence that Cheney significantly over estimated his distance and his angle regarding the victim makes this barn continue to burn.

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