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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Extremely Imperial Arms

According to The Smoking and to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting Accident and Incident Report filed by Game Warden Jason Duke, Vice President Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington with a 28 caliber Perazzi Brescia.
What is a Perazzi Brescia, you ask?
A quick Google shows that this small Italian firearms company manufactures the world’s premier competition and game rifles.
At Perazzi “expert stockists customize your new gun to your exact specifications”.
And what specifications!
Producing only 12 weapons per day these highly personalized pieces of art can be adorned with elaborate hand-engraved gold and silver mounts of any type or design and range in price from $6,300 to $9,413.
Can you imagine this past weekend's pampered imperial shoot?
The limo rolls slowly along side the advancing “hunters” insuring a steady and comforting supply of hot and iced beverages, gourmet nibbles and lemon-steamed hand towels…
Oh, and gauze, tourniquets and emergency life support, if needed...

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