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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First Lady Laura Bush, returning from the King funeral, notices she has stepped into a steaming pile of her husband's reputation while Dr. Rice, shown attending the funeral, learns the true meaning of persona non grata.

Photos: Reuters
You've been nominated for a Koufax!
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Sorry for the deleted spelling was awful...Here's another try...

Thanks to you, truth...somehow thru my tracker and a reader brought by your Wampum comment I saw your very complimentary nominating post.
I looked unsuccessfully on your web page for an email address, as I wanted to thank you...
I hope you read this...Thank-you very much. Unlike so many laboring in the comfy vineyard of television, I didn't chase awards throughout my TV career. With none of the real world connections that bind so many of the large bloggers, I would be stunned to win any type of award.
The real tangible rewards of private citizen blogging are valuable and thoughtful readers like you.
I guess I have taken anonymous blogging to new heights :)

I'm just a big fan!
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