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Sunday, February 19, 2006

From this morning’s London Telegraph, and under the risible headline Calamity Dick, is the best tick-tock of Cheneygate I’ve read in the big media.
The article has some interesting precursor nuggets of infotainment including the mysterious (mostly unmentioned in American media) "quail hunt" attendees:

A guest list that read like a Who's Who of Texan Republican aristocracy. The gathering was hosted by Katharine Armstrong…whose mother, Anne, was an old friend of Mr. Cheney. Other guests staying in the Spanish hacienda-style cottages on the $12 million estate…Pamela Pitzer Willeford, the current US ambassador to Switzerland and a Bush family insider, with her husband GeorgeNancy Negley, an art philanthropist whose family once owned Brown & Root…Ben Love, a rancher and Ms Armstrong's "beau"…and, of course, Mr Whittington, a millionaire Republican stalwart, and his wife, Mercedes.

Menu of the infamous one beer lunch:

At about 1pm, they broke for a picnic lunch of antelope, salad and camp bread. Ms Armstrong initially said the meal was washed down only with soft drinks, but Mr Cheney acknowledged drinking a beer.

Whittington’s immediate post shooting appearance:

The medical team that always accompanies Mr Cheney…immediately began treating the shot man, who was bleeding heavily.

Who told:

A member of the Cheney entourage called…Andrew Card…Karl Rove…called back, spoke with Ms Armstrong, then informed Mr. Bush that Mr. Cheney had shot someone.

The post shooting cocktail hour and roast beef dinner:

“Sombre". *

Here’s a regular fellow disproving Cheney's gunshot explaination on video from YouTube.Com.
A little slow and, from the low-res camera, hard to see but interesting…
Here's a nice YouTube 911 video and, for a touch of silliness, a naughty Spanish commercial for hand lotion.

*British spelling of somber seems more sombre.

Images: The Sweet Smell of Success,
Let me guess, it was Bush's fault and the guy got shot because he refused to join the Creativity Movement, right?
Say, maybe when you and your spaceship return to our galaxy you will explain your meaningless non sequitur.
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