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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
"Pepper" Craze Sweeps GOP

When hot news "pellets" of a kinda freshly wounded Harry Whittington lodged in the eardrums of of God-fearing Bush loyalists Sunday, who could have imagined the peppering fad that is now sweeping churches and family gatherings across America?
True blue red state Bushistas are lining up before tipsy rifle-toting relatives and friends and begging to be "peppered".
One conservative Ohio soccer mom said, "When I heard how Mr. Whittington was laughing and telling jokes, why it sounded like so much clean Christian fun that I just had to ask my husband to "pepper" me with one of his shot loads."
The Indiana youth minister, pictured here, echoed similar sentiments, "Wow, like the tiny pellets hitting my face and chest were like so refreshing and tingly...the gentle impact instantly made me happier and more satisfied with my stalled life."
Washington sources are reporting that the Vice President was happy to have energized Whittington's dull Texan life and is pleased his popularity has generated a new family-friendly American fad!

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