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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Grab That Hanky...

Like a dusky Bette Davis in her 1946 tear-jerker A Stolen Life, former presidential assistant Claude Allen seems to be proffering, with Bushian verve, the soap operatic excuse of an evil twin brother for his precipitous family values/shoplifting crisis that bloomed into the mainstream media late last week.
The blog Talking Points Memo, yesterday, found itself directed by a reader to an interview on National Public Radio with a Washington Post reporter:

He has an identical twin brother…even close friends can’t tell them apart…[Claude] Allen has indicated…his brother holds the key to this puzzling affair…Floyd was the twin who “kept running into bad times”.

This morning’s New York Times dutifully inserted the Floyd trial balloon into a larger roundup of the former domestic policy advisor as other weekend news pegged a possibly closeted and fetish-wracked Allen as spearheading the White House effort to trim federal funding for AIDS and HIV programs scattered across the executive branch as well as this most curious post Allen arrest White House behavior as reported today by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank:

Even after White House officials learned that chief domestic policy adviser Claude Allen was suspected of having sticky fingers at a Target store, they opted to put him in the first lady's box at the State of the Union and had him brief reporters aboard Air Force One.

Evil twin Floyd Allen should have taken a lesson from a black & white Bette and tossed his goodie-two-shoe twin Claude into the Potomac River or Chesapeake Bay.
Will the Evil Twin Gambit, arguably one of the loopiest of the Bush maladministration’s seemingly endless list of exculpatory excuses, leach it way into the fabric of attention disordered American thought and, if so, just who will play the Glenn Ford role?
But, more importantly, can our challenged media address the logical puzzlement that first irked Bosley Crowther in his 1946 New York Times movie review of the Bette Davis film parodied in the image accompanying this post:

The obvious uncertainty that twins could be so much alike that no one, not even the husband of one, could tell them apart…the writers and director were not too much concerned with logic so long as they provided a tandem vehicle for Miss Davis' show.

Could it be that the Allen brothers, like Bette’s Warner Brothers' film, are to provide a tandem cloud of media chaff for the ongoing and tedious Bush movie?

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