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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
St. Tony of the Righteous Finger

Could reporters really have confused an obscene hand gesture given to them outside Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross by Supreme Court Associate Justice and fascist lunatic Antonin Scalia on Sunday?
After a photographer for the Diocese of Boston's newspaper The Pilot snapped a photo of Scalia's finger the persnickety darling of 15th century judicial thought waved a censorious hand and ordered the graven image struck from the little newspaper's publication cue.
Not satisfied with his usual habit of crushing accurate press coverage in situ, Scalia, the high court's loudest and most fertile arbiter of heavily controlled individualism, now seems, through the kind assistance of corporate media's most pitiful news operation, intent upon rewriting the recent history of his troublesome and highly individual hand.
Saint Justice Scalia should live up to his principles and pluck the offending finger from his troubled appendage.

NOTE--My 75 year-old father is doing well following a heart valve replacement and a bypass.
My most sincere thanks for your prayers.

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