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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Deck Chairs Afoot

With the sudden resignation of the Sanibel Spook and the possible appointment of a compliant 4-star situational constitutionalist as CIA Director, Stephen Colbert’s Hindenburg variation of the Titanic deck chair line, as a description of the remaining Bush year(s), is looking ever more prescient.
Is it the Rapture or something more sinister in the offing?
Mr. Bush, that hapless novice of neo diplomatic nuance, sort of telegraphed a confirmation of that nagging national suspicion in a not too widely reported interview with CNBC Friday.
While describing a desire to see the new movie about United Airlines Flight #93, the President, for the first time and in a manner reminiscent of “crusade” and “bring it on”, described the former War on Terror as “World War III”:

“I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III. It was, it was unbelievably heroic of those folks on the airplane to recognize the danger.”

In the curious, sad and high-style old Soviet manner in which we over interpret the “reality” mirrored in the corporate media tea leaves, an eerie confirmation flows from the cable nets’ purposeful dithering, the increasing cross media occurrence of outright scripting and certain particular blackouts of sometimes salacious and once highly newsworthy national developments.
Somebody’s game seems to certainly be afoot and America, increasingly, seems purposefully and intentionally ill prepared and weakened.

Modified Image: Ebay, Google, Reuters, Warner Bros.
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