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Monday, May 15, 2006
"Get some new cell phones, quick!"
--Senior Law Enforcement Official to ABC News

Well, kiddies, it seems the Bush Spying Scandal "Ah ha!" moment has arrived with fresh context leaked just moments ago in an ABC blog posting by Brian Ross:

Phone calls and contacts by reporters for ABC News, along with the New York Times and the Washington Post, are being examined [by the NSA].

I would assume the "senior law enforcement official" could have just easily added the names of the cable news nets, other print media, a few troublesome DJs, a smattering of bloggers and every Strom, Dick and Harriet across the United States to an Enemies' List that will in all likelyhood make Nixon's seem quaint and trifling.
NSA supercomputers, such as the ASCII Option Red supercomputer discussed here in a Saturday post, would be highly capable, with the correct programming, of performing a variety of amazing feats with the raw data amassed from all calls in and out of a certain building or to and from specific people.
These "models", like National Weather Service satellite animations of storms and hurricanes, can display the present, past and project the possible future courses of the modeled scenarios.
Benign when one thinks of TV weather coverage but highly questionable and certainly very illegal when maliciously and politically applied to ordinary American citizens (yes even media celebrities) engaged in the tranquil and everyday welfare of society.

Late Day Update:
Ed Schultz interviews Brian Ross via this link.
I don't know how long the link to this index will remain valid.
The Ross interview begins 2:48 into the audio file.

Even Later Update:
The story gets no "play" on the ABC homepage.
World News Tonight (I only watched the first 15 tedious minutes), also, didn't seem concerned with all the echos and clicks on all ABC telephones.
Jeez, are you guys over at Disney mice or men?
Er, uh, oh wait...yeah.

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