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Friday, May 19, 2006

Still flush with a yet unreturned $41,000 from Tom Delay and Randy Cunningham, Kentucky’s over-his-head 4th Congressional single term Congressman Geoff Davis will, this afternoon in the Florence Hilton, host a fundraising event for area developers, er, supporters starring the President of the United States.
According to a report in yesterday’s Kentucky Post:

"Certainly, there is a political risk of attaching yourself to the president right now," said Amy Walter, who handicaps House races…"But the financial payoff is much stronger than the risk."

Interestingly, Mr. Davis’ complete and total subservience to the Bush agenda and the cash flow end of elective office should give sweating developers (already pressed by Bushian immigration waffles) pause as they reach for already well-fleeced wallets at the minimum $500 a plate event.

The President and Mr. Davis not only didn’t deliver on expanding the promise of post Katrina fair wage suspensions for local cash-pressed, wage-poor McMansion mortgage holders, they seemed to foment voter dissatisfaction within their own ranks by their own inept execution of their offices.
Well worth forking over another couple a thousand, huh?

Modified Image:, Reuters
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