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Friday, May 05, 2006
Would you believe...

Unbelievably, mainstream press attempt to minimize Stephen Colbert stinging satire of President Bush and his media fluffers continues into a 6th day or 12+ neo news cycles.
The Los Angeles Times picks up the fingerprint-heavy baton this morning to club the Comedy Central host with a more provocative, they’re hoping, criticism; Colbert showed us his “rage”.
Easily manipulated American simpletons just have to understand that the White House Correspondents’ Dinner requires “a dance of decorum…it's akin to a corporate date.”
Well now, there you have it.
Colbert was on a corporate date with our CEO pretzeldent…a date requiring complete and total subservience.
Memo to C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, new President of the WHCA:
Acquire rohypnol for next year’s comic.
With no real retro rohypnosis of Colbert possible, the American people are, once again, wheedled into accepting a state of affairs contrary to evidence witnessed by sober eyeballs.
I watched Colbert live on C-SPAN Saturday evening.
The LAT spitefully wonders about people like me, “I mean, what kind of loser is home on a Saturday night watching C-SPAN?”
Maybe, judging by web reports, the kind who really enjoys watching Mr. Bush ridiculed in public?
C-NET News is reporting that various videos of Colbert’s performance at, YouTube and iFilm “generated more than a half million viewings” by this past Wednesday.
Interestingly, the LA Times and C-NET News also report that C-SPAN “requested” YouTube remove the video uploads because “the airing of the video violated its copyright.”
Anyone want to explain how the supposedly impartial C-SPAN can hold a copywrite on public events?

NOTE--The great people at Crooks and Liars have posted the ABC News footage of President Bush crankily reacting to Stephen Colbert's pre-produced videotape at last Saturday's WHCA dinner.
It's a small image but it's facinating viewing.

Photo: AFP-Getty
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