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Friday, May 05, 2006
Yellow Matter Custard...

Today, thankfully, is Scott MCClellan's last official press briefing.
In light of the Colbert controversy and the alleged clubbiness of the Washington press corps, I found this post on the blog most interesting:

Following the briefing, there will be a party for Scott in the basement, with various reporters having spent last night slaving over baked goodies.

Somehow, given my spookie understanding of the modern day press, I have to imagine these "baked goodies" will not be made from scratch.
A couple of microwaved Entenmann's, a Betty Crocker Spring Fruit Pizza and maybe a Duncan Hines Boston Cream Pie or two should ease these enterprising go-getters into a couple of exclusive self-serving leaks and maybe a Laura Bush availability.

Photo: Reuters
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