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Friday, August 11, 2006

It appears that mere terror plots and massive citizen inconvenience haven’t dissuaded the occasional occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to forego his umpteenth biking and brush clearing vacation nor to remove his laser-like focus from political fundraising.
The New York Times reports:

As Americans stood in long lines…Bush went ahead with his planned trip…to raise money for a Republican Congressional candidate and to speak about the economy during a stop at a metal factory.

While hardly a profile in courage, Mr. Bush raised the specter of annihilation (again), raised some cash and re-lowered his profile as the Times reported that, “aides said there were no plans for him to cut short his [vacation].”
Media reports didn’t say if the President had to forego any personal traveling liquids prior to boarding Air Force One.
It is also worth noting that the "metal factory" speech allowed the White House to have yesterday's jet travel costs paid by US citizens and their dwindling treasury rather than the Republican National Committee.

Photo: Reuters
He doesn't want to be arrested when he nukes Iran.
Let us hope that he doesn't "nuke Iran"...
I think you meant to post after the item on the August 11, 2006 post just before this one.
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