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Friday, September 08, 2006
Abramoff on Rove:
"He's A Fat Fuck..."

Josh Marshall's Muckraker site posts some facinating Watergate-flavored excerpts from the new Wayne Slater and James Moore book, The Architect: Karl Rove and The Master Plan for Absolute Power.
Slater and Moore's source, a former Abramoff client, personally witnessed a surreptitious afternoon street corner meeting between the notorious lobbiest/fixer and Bush svengali Karl Rove:

The car came to a stop, Abramoff stepped out...the conversation between Abramoff and Karl Rove was easily heard. "We've got a problem, Jack." Rove mentioned a member of the House who was not cooperating..."We need to clamp down. We need this to stop. Can you put the fireman [Tom Delay] on this".

Returning to the car, Abramoff explained the sly street corner shenanigans with the chief presidential advisor as a regular thing:

It's just easier.... Like I said, everything that comes out of the White House is logged in...So this is just easier. It keeps things a lot cleaner. And he's a fat fuck, and he can use the exercise. If the weather's nice, we meet in a couple of spots, and if not, he'll drive over and come in through Signatures [Abramoff's restaurant] or one of the other spots."

Shades of moving Watergate flower pots!
While not the only headline in the nugget-packed Slater/Moore book and long suspected by the left, today's excerpt imbues a feeling of criminal chicanery and guile to the ordinary Bush administration conduct of national business that begs for further investigation.
I also find it very interesting that the President's most powerful assistant, wanting something accomplished in his party's majority Congress, has out-sourced muscle "fix" their House Majority Leader's role rather than simply making a personal phone call to that Republican Congressional leader.

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