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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
As The Flop Flips...

Though there has been a slight nip in the air, Geoff Davis is now wearing flip-flops as he claims, amid closer public scrutiny, to be for a position he was against after he was originally for it…
Sound semi-familiar?
Those with weak inner ears might want to pop a Dramamine.
Keeping an ear toward popular patriotic sentiments, the one-term Bush Republican had claimed, in a franked midsummer mailing among other things, to have written key language in a 2007 defense reauthorization bill that would have capped interest rates on predatory loans to members of the military at 36%.
But, as revealed in a September 19 editorial in the Lexington Herald-Leader and a September 20th post on, aides to Davis have been forced by publicity and a revealing commercial by his opponent Ken Lucas to admit that the extreme right wing politician accepted an $11, 450 contribution and consulted on the legislation with one of his top financial donors, CNG Financial of Mason, Ohio, owners of Check n’ Go, a predatory money lending chain normally clustered in inner cities and around military bases.
Shortly after this consultation, Davis took his check ‘n went forward with new plans to completely flip the meaning of the Military Personnel Financial Services Protection Act (PDF) by eliminating the very interest rate caps intended to protect financially strapped servicemen and women.
And, now, baked by the cleansing rays of sunlight, the increasingly truthified Mr. Davis now says he’s for a position he was for before he was against it.
According to Bob Doyle, a campaign advisor for Democrat Ken Lucas, the new Davis position is “Washington legislative double talk…from the beginning he wanted to stop the cap…when it came out in the media and he was under pressure, Davis started doing something else…[it’s] a political scandal because it revealed that Davis lined up against the troops.”
Look for Davis, with the quick cash and assistance of his cronies, to further wrap himself in a scoundrel’s last refuge.

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