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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned the White Men Only spot currently being run by the Republican candidate for the Kentucky 4th District Congressional seat.
Aside from the people in the commercial being exclusively older men, city mayors and Caucasian, discovered that the first gentleman in the commercial, David Wallace, is actually Geoff Davis’ personal attorney and not, as presented, an average citizen.
While Mr. Wallace might be an actual Democrat he obviously has a financial interest in Mr. Davis’ success that should have been disclosed in the television commercial.
The also, in the same post, published an excerpt from a December 2003 article in the Kentucky Post by political reporter Pat Crowley.
The report appears in the artwork atop this posting and confirms Mr. Wallace’s relationship to the local Bush-Republican candidate. now has two Lucas commercials, one is what's called an image spot and the other is the predatory military loans commercial mentioned yesterday.

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